Positive social impact while building a sustainable and profitable business


Social Impact


Business model that leverage technological innovations that can enhance financial inclusion by providing cost-efficient access to insurance for large numbers of individuals / households.

  • Financial Inclusion plays a significant role in achieving poverty eradication, job creation, gender equality, and food security.

  • Demand. A rising US$750 billion market - unlocking opportunities. A significant population whose needs are unmet.

Advancement of ESG Principles

Set an example in local markets by managing Gangkhar based on sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and ensure that partner/portfolio companies implement ESG frameworks.


Pursue opportunities to develop microinsurance markets in collaboration with private sector, governmental entities, and intergovernmental organizations (e.g., IADB). From a policy standpoint, microinsurance is a strong development tool for countries looking to encourage inclusive economic growth and socio-economic development. 

  • Market. Premiums USD 830 million GWP. Microinsurance penetration varies greatly across theregion. Great opportunities for market development across the region and in specific countries. 


Challenges. Distribution + Financial Education + Market Regulation + Transaction Costs.
Opportunities. Digital Innovation + Public and private partnerships and investments